Thursday, April 22, 2010

floral nappy bag...

i'm loving all the florals out there. i've always loved florals & lace. patty calls my style "granny chic." the awesome floral post over at city sage inspired me to check out one of my favorite designers, cath kitson. of course among all the gorgeous florals, i found a diaper bag {or a "nappy" bag, they say in the uk}. since a diaper bag is not something i would probably buy used, i immediately was going to hit purchase when i realized it was made of PVC, the poison plastic. oh, why do the super-cute things have to be so unhealthy?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

do hippies even get married?

well, if so, here's another hippie wedding dress. or prairie. or backyard garden. i'd love to see someone get married in this sweet dress.

{get this gorgeous dress here}

Monday, April 19, 2010

hippie is a state of mind...

ok, i have to weigh in on this. after esb did her version of a hippie wedding, i feel like i needed to throw in my 2 cents...being a hippie at heart and all...

hippie is a state of mind, not a can't just throw on a new dress, spend lots on a flower headband and call yourself a hippie. i'd suggest finding a vintage dress, going barefoot, having a pot-luck, recycling and donating to charity instead of accepting there, my 2 cents.

{photos from tavin shop, where she recently opened a vintage bridal section...}

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

if we have a girl...

this will be her nursery inspiration. drum kit & dj lance included. {click on photo to view larger.}

{photo credit here.}

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sweet boy...

i'm not a mom yet, but i can't imagine the incredible love, courage and bravery of this mom, lynn of satsuma press. her sweet boy, liam, has a neuromuscular disorder called spinal muscular atrophy type 2 and they are raising money to remodel the bathroom to accomodate liam's wheelchair.

another example of putting things into perspective and being grateful for every moment of every day.

help liam's cause & learn more here.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

baby on the way...

i know i haven't blogged in a long while...i've been working in production, which is a lot of hours and haven't had a chance to sit down. i'm still working, but i've been missing the blogs!

so...we also have some news...we're pregnant! i'm currently 18 weeks along, so officially out of the first trimester. the baby is due in september on my birthday! we don't know sex yet, we've had one ultrasound and we're due for another in two weeks.

patty's brother is the donor, so the baby will be as genetically close to me & patty as possible. my bible was the taking charge of your fertility book...i also went to acupuncture for about nine months before we started trying. i swear that helped, as it totally regulated my crazy irregular cycle, and we got pregnant on our second try! the other book we consulted a lot was the essential guide to lesbian conception, pregnancy and birth. we also have friends who pioneered the "brother of partner as donor" that was incredibly helpful.

please feel free to ask me the nitty gritty questions about the process, i'm happy to answer, especially if you are considering trying this was actually pretty basic: a jar, a syringe {without the needle}, and lots of pineapple eating were involved...

i'll give you another update after the ultrasound...

{photo credit here.}