Friday, March 27, 2009

happy friday

happy friday...this weekend we'll be laying low...our sweet oona has taken a turn for the worst...
the cancer seems to have spread and she may be leaving us soon...we haven't made any concrete decisions, but the eye doctor told us yesterday that the cancer is in her eyes now.  we are trying to make her as comfortable as possible and give her lots of snuggles and love...

having dinner with friends tonight will be a nice distraction {i took yesterday off work to be with her}...

please have a wonderful weekend and send some love oona's way...she can use all the strength she can get...

{photo credit:  photo maniacal on flickr}

Thursday, March 26, 2009

happy home-maker: {recycled container gardening}

i'm loving all of the innovative gardens and gardening i'm seeing out there in the world.  from the amazing raised veggie beds from adriana at victory home & garden to rachel's innovative use of old wine crates, transformed and repurposed into gardening items over at heart of light.  and of course it's old news now, but the veggie garden at the white house is such important news, what a great example to set for the rest of the country...i certainly don't have the space that they have, but that's where all of these cool containers and creative uses of objects are so inspirational. 

today over at vintage indie, i spotted these great recycled mobile gardens from etsy seller semper nova.  i love that they rescue old items and transform them into something living and beautiful.

{photo credit:  semper nova via vintage indie}

ps.  adriana at victory home & garden is working on a punk rock gardening podcast.  how cool is that?  go over there right now & ask her your burning edible garden questions.  {and i'm sure she'll field a question or two about the clash or the germs if you ask nicely.}

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

happy birthday, danica

today is one of my dear friend's birthdays and i thought what a great opportunity to introduce you to her sweet blog and her work.  aries born on this day are described this way: these individuals draw strength from a rich and creative inner life.

that sums up my friend, danica perfectly.  she is one of the most creative and deep people i know.  her photography is gorgeous, her writing is sweet and insightful and her creatures are amazing.  i often look to danica for inspiration and a smile.  for a glimpse into danica's rich and creative inner life, go see her flickr, her blog and her etsy shop.  

happy birthday, danica...much love.

{photo credit:  danica on etsy}

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a girl and her dogs...

how amazing are these photos of women and their dogs?

{photo credit via flickr}

Monday, March 23, 2009

flowers {gilly flowers}

every morning when i walk to work, i see the folks at gilly flowers hard at work, up to their elbows in greenery and flowers.  gilly flowers has been in silver lake for years, but only recently did they move into their new shop.  when i was a photo stylist, the owner used to help me out with amazing arrangements.  the gorgeousness that oozes out of the store front is amazing...i love stopping by the store, petting the dogs and poking my head in to see what they are working on.  i've always wondered where those beautiful arrangements are going.  now i know...

{not that i'm a big fan of cut flowers, but they are so darn pretty...however, he does do living arrangements, i bet he could do some amazing living centerpieces.}

{photos from}

Friday, March 20, 2009

happy friday

happy friday!  i'm planning on scooting around in the garden, hanging out with the dogs and doing my laundry...hopefully it will be nice enough this weekend so that i can skip the dryer and line dry my clothes!

{photo credit:  dennis cauchoix on flickr}

wow, seriously?

there's been a some great posts about the wic vs diy {i love 2000 dollar wedding's worst wedding advice series}, fantasizing about the "perfect dress" and wedding 'zillas.  then i saw this photo over at a farmhouse wedding.  i almost fell off my chair.  really?  wow.

while i'm glad that there are options for discounted dresses for these women, the "running of the brides" is pretty amazing--i mean, these women have their war paint on.  i'm so grateful i didn't have this experience. 

**update:  the video is even scarier.

other folks weddings: {stori & tausha}

as always, i'm so thrilled to find same-sex wedding postings on the wedding blog-o-sphere.  leave it to offbeat bride to feature another sweet sure to check out their flickr site, where they describe all of the cool details and diy aspects about their wedding & all of the community involvement {um, they have friends sing 'secret songs' that they chose for each other.}...their couples shots are amazing...

{photo credit: flickr via offbeat bride}

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy st. patty's day

happy st. patty's day!  here are a few links for your green enjoyment:

a story about social justice for st. patricks day

we don't drink, but here are some eco-drinks for your st. patrick celebration

here is my st. patty singing her tunes {sorry, no irish drums!}

treat the pooches to green doggie biscuits

{cute teacup planter: sassyspaces on etsy}

Monday, March 16, 2009

happy home-maker {beginning the veggie garden}

red romaine
brussels sprouts
we also bought some seeds from seeds of change:

butter lettuce
i know seeds of change can be controversial, but they were the only organic option at the nursery.  i planted the seedlings directly in the containers & used the little crates from the seedlings to plant the seeds inside.  i tried to put similar veggies together in the separate boxes.  once the seeds sprout, i should have enough room to plant them in the boxes. 

the self-watering containers seem like a great idea, but the one i put together seems to be leaking.  i suppose i should have double checked it before i filled it with dirt.  i can't really move it or take them apart now.  i'm a little bummed about that, since the last thing i want to do is waste water.  i'll have to water that container "traditionally."  live and learn...

my only other concern is sunlight.  we have a huge yard, but it's all concrete and brick, with a few shaded beds.  so i decided to put the beds on our dining room patio, which also is easy access to the kitchen.  it doesn't get sun all day, only in the morning, so we'll see how the veggies fare...i'm just winging it!

i also planted some herbs in a small container on the patio.
so we'll see how it goes...hopefully we'll be eating some of our own veggies soon.

so you're enGAYged launch

today the new site so you're enGAYged launches.  living in liberal los angeles {and not using many vendors to begin with}, i didn't run across much of the bias, ignorance and discrimination when planning our wedding as many others did.  a fellow bride and blogger {and photographer} has taken the matter into her own hands and created an online resource for the lgbt community {and their allies!} to find friendly, supportive vendors.  from kelly, the creator:

So You’re EnGAYged seeks to match same-sex and allied couples with wedding vendors who actively support LGBT rights and freedoms, including, but not limited to, same-sex marriage. By highlighting voices from within the LGBT community, So You’re EnGAYged further works to build a community that can dispense advice, recommendations, and support to couples in the wedding-planning process. As the wedding industry has grown larger and more ubiquitous, we hope to serve as a reference for those who seek vendors whose business practices align with deeply held values.

there are several guest bloggers in addition to kelly's own ideas and lists of vendors.  be sure to pay them a visit when planning your wedding of any stripe!

{photo credit: soinviting via so you're engaged}

Friday, March 13, 2009

other folks weddings: {mary & claudine}

first of all, i assume you've seen the fabulous blog, 100 layer cake--"crafting your wedding, layer, by layer."  what more can you ask for?

today they featured the gorgeous wedding of mary & claudine.  mary & claudine's note about their sweet, simple, community-minded wedding brought me to tears.  it also makes me really happy when a same-sex wedding is featured on a wedding site...keeping the awareness alive, not just in the gay community, is essential.  a huge thank you to sites like 100 layer cake, rock'n'roll bride and a practical wedding for inclusion without distinction and for keeping the struggle for equal rights alive.  

now, enough chatter from me,  go immediately & see for yourself.

UPDATE:  100 layer cake posted mary + claudine's website to see more photos...

happy friday

happy friday!  patty promised she's going to help me put together the veggie beds on the kitchen patio this weekend...cauliflower is her favorite veggie, so we have to plant some of those...

still not sure if i'm going to plant from seeds or not, there's a nursery that sells little starter plants near us.  but first step this weekend is to put the beds together!  we'll see how it goes...

my old neighbors, erik and kelly, have written a great book with lots of advice about home gardening {and other punk rock, diy advice for living a self sufficient lifestyle in the city}.  erik has recommended some raised beds that we're going to put together on the patio.  we're also going to get some organic potting soil from the nursery down the street.  i'll report back...

happy weekend!

{photo credit: flickr}

Thursday, March 12, 2009

hold the honey {moon}

since oona's surgery we've had to reconsider the eco honeymoon in mexico we'd been dreaming about...

maybe we just need one of these for the backyard instead...

{photo credit: lama via more ways to waste time}

reduce, reuse, recycle: {fluttery paper hanging trees}

i'm loving all the fluttery, flow-y, paper garlands and hanging decorations i'm seeing all over...what a fun diy project and reuse of paper, sheet music, magazines, sewing patterns, old books, memories, etc?  great for a garden wedding or party...

{photos 1,2: one love photo via a practical wedding; photos 3-7: royal buffet via oh so beautiful paper; photo 8: flickr via green wedding shoes; photo 9: flickr; photos 10, 11: everyday beauty via two brides}

frolic in the forest

how beautiful is this?  i want to frolic in the forest with my cute dogs.  hooray for spring.

{photo credit: abless on flickr via olivet}