Wednesday, March 25, 2009

happy birthday, danica

today is one of my dear friend's birthdays and i thought what a great opportunity to introduce you to her sweet blog and her work.  aries born on this day are described this way: these individuals draw strength from a rich and creative inner life.

that sums up my friend, danica perfectly.  she is one of the most creative and deep people i know.  her photography is gorgeous, her writing is sweet and insightful and her creatures are amazing.  i often look to danica for inspiration and a smile.  for a glimpse into danica's rich and creative inner life, go see her flickr, her blog and her etsy shop.  

happy birthday, danica...much love.

{photo credit:  danica on etsy}


comfies said...

big smiles over here. thank you!!!!

east side bride said...

happy birthday danica! I'm digging the little guys.