Wednesday, March 4, 2009

oona is going to be ok

our sweet oona had emergency surgery yesterday to remove a foreign object from her body.  turns out it was two chicken bones that have been floating around inside her for years.  we adopted oona about four years ago & before that, she lived on the street.  most likely the bones are from before we even had her!

her surgery went well, both her lungs had been punctured by the bones, and while one was mended, the other lung was removed as it was so badly damaged.  she survived the night in an oxygen chamber and if all goes well weaning her off the chamber, she will be home with us tomorrow.  
losing two of our dogs within a month was a bit too much for me to bear, and i'm so grateful the doctors were able to find this.  now i'm trying not to stress out about how much money the surgery cost us.  we didn't exactly budget for this.  everything will be ok.  thanks for the love & well wishes.

{photo of oona & patty by me;  image from studio mela on etsy.}


east side bride said...

poor puppy. she's such a love!

east side bride said...

p.s. Christina, I'd love to ask your advice about this film project. Will you email me?



citysage said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that everything comes good. She has such a sweet, loving face!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

I'm so glad she's ok. I'm sending her healing thoughts and recovery wishes.