Tuesday, March 10, 2009

blog spring cleaning

i've been doing a little spring cleaning on the old blog and i've removed some of the prop 8 badges...not that i'm any less political, but i honestly just felt like the blog needed a bit of cleaning.  it was a bit messy for my taste!  all of the political sites are still here, they are just listed on the "political action" list to your left.

while the personal is political, it honestly pained me a little bit to see those badges everyday as a reminder of such a rough time...and i want to keep the focus on moving forward and living a simple, green, loving married life.  i'm still every bit as political and i'll continue to post news and action items, i just don't want the fight to define my life.  

again, it really highlights the ironic thing about the whole prop 8 debate:  had we been granted the right to marry, we all would have continued to live, love, and blog about our lives. but it is the prop 8 supporters who really pushed the issue onto the national stage.  i'm nervous about the california supreme court decision {90 days...really?}, but i have faith that no matter what, patty and i will remain steady happy.