Friday, March 6, 2009

tamra davis cooking show

i met tamra davis many years ago when i was involved with the silver lake film festival.  she spoke on a panel about women filmmakers i curated.  

she has a sweet cooking show that i've been obsessed with lately.  patty and i are trying to cook more at home, and neither of us are very experienced cooks!  tamra's simple, straightforward style is perfect for us.  she's a mom, so her recipes are not only directed to towards her kids, but involve them most of the time.  i love this recipe for vegan red velvet cupcakes.  i think i'm going to make these for the everyone at the hospital who has been taking care of oona.

video and recipe here.


east side bride said...

We're trying to do more cooking too. I do really well for about four days and then... Eff. It's hard to stay motivated!

christina said...

right? my other problem is i make too much of something then get sick of eating it 4 days in a row. i'm gonna start stalking some recipe blogs & post more stuff. heck, i'm an old married lady now, gotta start putting dinner on the table.

east side bride said...

H-town is not amused by my "housewife" jokes. But at least I make myself laugh.