Thursday, March 5, 2009

blessing in disguise: oona update

today we got to visit oona in the hospital.  she's still very drugged out and has a tube that drains fluid from her lungs.  she's being very well taken care of and is walking a bit on her own.  we hope to have her home before the weekend.

at the hospital, we were able to meet with her surgeon.  turns out the chicken bones and emergency surgery may have been a blessing in disguise.  the doctor did a biopsy on the lung he removed and it was riddled with cancer.  he said that it was hard to say whether the bones or the cancer caused the lung damage.  basically, if he hadn't have found the bones and done the emergency surgery, she probably would have died in a few weeks.  the cancer would have collapsed her lung and she would have died...

we still don't know how much cancer is in her remaining lung, but he said it was in good shape {he doesn't want to open her up again and we agree with him} . if we're lucky, she'll be with us for at least another year.  emergency surgery and almost as much money as we spent on our wedding is worth having oona around a bit longer.  

at this point, we know about the cancer and like ruby, we probably will opt not to do any invasive cancer treatments to prolong her life...our job, like always,  is to keep her safe, pain-free and loved.

{photo of oona and patty by me}


east side bride said...

I'm glad they're taking good care of her.

Rebecca said...

much puppy love to oona!