Monday, March 16, 2009

happy home-maker {beginning the veggie garden}

red romaine
brussels sprouts
we also bought some seeds from seeds of change:

butter lettuce
i know seeds of change can be controversial, but they were the only organic option at the nursery.  i planted the seedlings directly in the containers & used the little crates from the seedlings to plant the seeds inside.  i tried to put similar veggies together in the separate boxes.  once the seeds sprout, i should have enough room to plant them in the boxes. 

the self-watering containers seem like a great idea, but the one i put together seems to be leaking.  i suppose i should have double checked it before i filled it with dirt.  i can't really move it or take them apart now.  i'm a little bummed about that, since the last thing i want to do is waste water.  i'll have to water that container "traditionally."  live and learn...

my only other concern is sunlight.  we have a huge yard, but it's all concrete and brick, with a few shaded beds.  so i decided to put the beds on our dining room patio, which also is easy access to the kitchen.  it doesn't get sun all day, only in the morning, so we'll see how the veggies fare...i'm just winging it!

i also planted some herbs in a small container on the patio.
so we'll see how it goes...hopefully we'll be eating some of our own veggies soon.


Journal of a ____ said...

Your garden is beautiful. I love it! Hope you get to eat some veggies soon!

Rachel said...

It looks amazing! I'll be curious to see how the self watering containers work out - I wanted some, but didn't end up investing in them this time around.
I got started on my garden as well - pics will be up later this week!

Adriana said...

I've never seen those self-watering containers; only the Earthbox. Your whole set up is beautiful. Get your salad spinner ready. You'll be eating salad in no time!

Rebecca said...

how exciting! don't you just adore gardening? hope you'll tell us about all the yummy recipes you try with the green goods!

Mary S. said...

What a lovely garden!! Veggie gardens are so rewarding... Sorry for the late reply! I've been searching everywhere in our kitchen for that salmon recipe and I can't find it! I plan on cleaning out our recipe drawer when I get home from the preschool today! I'll send it as soon as I find it! Oh and thanks for the stir fry tip... someone else told me that was their healthy go to meal too... which means I've gotta try it! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

LOVE it! This is so exciting---we get to garden vicariously through you!

And how gorgeous are your canine friends? Nothing makes me happier than getting my hands dirty in the garden and then snuggling in for some puppy love.

christina said...

thanks for all your sweet notes, everyone!

@anne: the dogs wanted to snuggle in the garden! if you look closely at the photo of me planting, you can see the ball in the lower left corner of the bed. ronnie had just dropped it in there, hoping i would throw the ball to her! i have to keep the gate to that patio closed so the dogs don't sneak in...