Thursday, March 5, 2009

we graduated...

i am truly honored to be a part of meg's wedding graduate series over at a practical wedding.   a practical wedding was a daily read for me: it was a source of inspiration, activism and sanity for me during the entire wedding process. {although our wedding is over, it's still a daily read for me!!}  prop 8 happened very soon after our wedding, so i never really wrote a wedding "recap."  writing this was was a really nice exercise for me to go back and just look at the wedding day without all of the haze of the prop 8 debate.  it reinforced to me why we got married in the first place.  

in light of today's supreme court hearing, it helps me remember love is all you need.  thanks, meg, for continuing the protest and the activism and the fighting on our behalf. 

you can read the post here.

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Some Chilean Woman said...

What a beautiful group!

I think anyone who is anyone should be able to marry the one they love. Nothing wrong with two people making that commitment.

Best Wishes,