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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

eco friendly wood toys...

of course, before i had beatrice, i had visions that she would only be clothed in pure organic clothing and play with eco friendly safe toys....well, that's not really a reality.  most of her clothes are organic, and most of her toys are eco-friendly and safe...but i've been so fortunate to receive many hand-me-downs {which of course are green since they are being re-used and re-loved!}, but many of those items have been plastic or made with other materials...and guess what, beatrice *loves* plastic toys...what's an eco friendly mama to do?  honestly, let it go...

but, when i do buy her toys, i do try to stick to wood, made in the usa, non-toxic paint and the like...i know i can't protect her from all toxins, but i do the best i can.  so i was really excited to see one of my favorite eco toy makers, wonderworld, on a zulily sale!  i've wanted to get her a cute stacker and a little push toy...our ped isn't thrilled about walkers, but i thought this little push toy she might enjoy...

the sale is only on for a couple more days, but go check it out!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

bea's garden vintage nursery...

finally after nine months i'm sharing bea's little nursery with you.  i've shared some of my inspiration {here & here}, and i think it came together really well, considering most everything in beatrice's nursery was a hand-me-down...i had to work with what i was given...

 we inherited this dresser from a friend of patty''s beautiful and everytime i open one of the drawers beatrice crawls over like flash lightening and starts to pull all of her clothes out!  we've been collecting little cards that i keep meaning to frame...someday...

both the dresser and the changing table top were hand-me-downs, from two different people, but they work great for our changing station.  i use cloth diapers for beatrice, so i had to get some new shelves to hold them all...all her colorful diaper covers are in the drawers...i'll do a cloth diapering post soon...

 we've been co-sleeping with beatrice, but in the bed in her room.  this room used to be the guest room, so we just kept the bed.  it was easier to co-sleep with her in her own room in the beginning, and now we just stay here....we'll probably move back to our bed soon.  the cute wall decals are fabric...not sweet!

 since we call beatrice "bea," and pronounce it "bee," we've had some really cute bee that's become another theme in her nursery.  how cute is this vintage bee costume from the 50's?  i can't wait until she can wear it...

i painted the walls a super pale pink, but really wanted to bring more color and pattern in...i found these cute buntings on etsy {triangles here and liberty here}.

the beginning of the reading nook...she *loves* the piano, though.  and she loves to pull all the books off the step: actually sitting down and reading them!  we read together everyday, but she's really into eating the books right now {teething baby}...

 beatrice had a mobile over her changing table and for some reason she really got excited by the elephant, so we've started a little elephant collection...{both were handmade gifts}...

the crib was the first "baby" item we inherited...i wasn't thrilled about black, but now i love it.  she's never slept in it though!

 it's really just a resting spot for her toys and cute animals from blabla sheets from plover organic...

 sweet mobile from blabla kids as well.  this mobile was one of my big splurges for the, love, love it...

we inherited the rocker as well...i really wanted to re-cover it, but i didn't really have the i just covered it with some of the many, many blankets that beatrice received.  i don't use it much anymore, so i'm thinking of handing it down to someone else...sweet custom rag doll from warm sugar.  this was one of my favorite purchases.  she made it completely custom for me...i gave her colors and picked socks, etc. and she made the cutest's hard to see but there are even bees are the fabric!  just for bea...

 some details from her dresser and bookshelves...cute wooden teether from little sapling toys...the vintage planters are from a friend...i still need to put plants in them!

and finally, her "uncle" dj lance gave her a sweet picture...she's still never seen yo gabba gabba {no screens until she is two}, but she's met all the characters!  patty & i are big fans and lance is a good friend of beatrice's uncle {her donor}...and remember my original nursery inspiration? well, of course he had to make it into her room...

next up: beatrice's vintage closet!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

soapwalla keeps me fresh...

ok, so i'm going to blog about deodorant. yes, deodorant. it seems like it's so tough to find an organic, green deodorant that *works*'s important to me to find something healthy, as skin is our largest organ...what i put on my body is just as important as what i put in my body...why spend extra money on organic blueberries if i'm going to put yucky chemicals on my skin?

i've tried them all...from the fancy ones to the rock you see in the hippie health stores, but i've found the best one by far. i've been using the deodorant cream from soapwalla for almost two years now. it's amazing. yes, i used amazing to describe deodorant. it has great consistency, smells nice and IT WORKS! and remember i live in los angeles, hot los angeles...{confession: when i got home from the hospital with beatrice, i probably didn't shower *every* day, well, it still worked...} i started ordering two at a time because i hate running out...

i love that it's hand-made by the soapwalla chef, it's so decadent...i've tried some of her other yummy products and they are wonderful {i used the pregnancy oil on my belly throughout my pregnancy}...but i'm a huge fan of the deodorant!!

here are the ingredients:

Organic jojoba, sunflower, and rosehip seed oils; shea butter; a combination of all-natural and gluten-free vegetable clays and powders; aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate; organic vegan kosher glycerin; a combination of organic lavender, peppermint, sweet orange, bergamot and tea tree essential oils.

{photo credit: soapwalla}

Thursday, January 6, 2011

luving luvette...

i have to say it's been pretty cold here in los angeles. i know, i'm spoiled--no snow blizzards or anything, but for sunny so cal, drops into the 4o's are considered cold. so beatrice has been keeping her little bum warm with cashmere. yes, cashmere. she got a pair of bum warmers as a gift from luvette.

luvette is run by an eco-responsible mom who re-purposes sweaters into adorable baby & toddler wear. you'll find pants, diaper covers, even blankets, all lovingly hand-crafted for your little one. how genius & adorable...beatrice's little pants are made from an old cashmere sweater {the sleeves are the legs!} soft & luxurious for her little tush!

i think beatrice needs to sport that little skirt...

{photo credit: luvette}

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

hand-made eco toys on etsy...cuteness abounds!

it's unfortunate that one needs to make sure that a toy is non-toxic these days, so i tend to stick to hand-made and made responsibly. plus, the hand-made ones are the cutest! so sweet and special. here are some of my favorites from etsy sellers:

{crocheted organic rattle, monkey {there are lots of animals to choose from!} from locomomma on etsy}

Friday, December 17, 2010

happy friday...donate toys!

happy friday, folks!

what are you up to this weekend? if you are in los angeles, please consider donating toys to children's hospital los angeles. they have run out of toys! it breaks my heart to think of kids in the hospital at all, let alone on christmas, so please consider brightening one child's life this season...since they only accept new toys, i try to purchase eco-friendly wooden toys, that are safe and non-toxic. these kids are already so exposed to toxins, why expose them to more...

in fact, continue to spread the love for children with cancer, eschew the gift giving frenzy and for the adults in your life, consider a donation to a favorite charity. one of my favorites is the pablove foundation, fighting childhood cancer with love. the foundation was started by our friends, jeff & jo ann, who lost their sweet boy, pablo to cancer. they have turned their struggle into an amazing foundation that helps other kids...truly an inspiration.

{photo credit:}

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sweet giveaway...

over at natural mommie, they are doing a great green giveaway. how sweet are these fabric wall stickers from quick brown fox of dulwich? i especially love the twitter for girls...the sweet birds...i would love to have these in little bea's room. i have a bit of a fabric and woodland theme going in there, so they would be perfect! and to top it all of, they are eco-friendly, with eco inks and recycled packaging...right up my alley.

head over and check it out!

natural mommie does all kinds of great green giveaways, i've got my hat in the ring for a few of them!

Friday, August 13, 2010

hooray for prop 8 overturn!

over the past week or so, i haven't really posted much about the overturn of prop 8 in goes without saying that it's pretty amazing. i'm happy that starting august 18 so many more couples can tie the knot...

but i just wanted to share a really cool give-away from pink cloud events. they are an eco event planning company in los angeles! eco- & gay- friendly...right up my alley!! go check it out & good luck!

happy weekend!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

baby nursery inspiration...

i don't mean for this to turn into a baby blog, but i got baby on the brain! so my posts have been a bit erratic, as all i can think about is baby, and i don't only want to post baby, baby, baby!! is a girl! and now i'm working on the nursery. eventually it will be a bit more rock'n'roll like this nursery, but now i just need the basics. plus, i think we'll have her in our bed for the first six months at least, but i feel like i want to have the nursery ready before she comes, as i'm sure i'll be overwhelmed once she's here! so here's some inspiration...

{nursery color palette: black, grey, pale pink, dark pink, green}

we inherited a black jenny lind crib. i wanted a jenny lind crib, but not necessarily in black. so now i'm working with what i have...i'm so grateful to have a i just have to buy an organic mattress! the other items i have in the room are a vintage vanity and a vintage chest of drawers, both in an oak wood. i also inherited a wood diaper changer that fits perfectly on top of the chest of the overall look is definitely going to be antique eclectic...pretty much my style! as with everything, reduce, reuse, recycle. so i love the hand-me-downs and vintage pieces!

wall color...i'm thinking a very pale, pale pink likebehr (zero VOC of course!) reverie pink. that way, the black crib will look great and since the crib is black we can go pink accessories without going too girly!

so for the basic bedding, i think we're going for a simple grey with pink throw pillows from plover organics. one thing that was really important to me was to find organic bedding. the baby will be spending a lot of time in this bed and it should be free from pesticides. it's pretty hard to find organic crib bedding that i like, so i was pretty excited to find plover organics.

i love this sweet bird mobile from bla bla kids. everything on their site is so sweet. i'm trying to avoid plastics, so i only want knit & wood toys, organics even better!

the lighting in the room right now is not so cute...i'd love to get a cute chandelier like this one from ginger's choice on etsy.

maybe some cute fabric organizer bins like this one from sew gracious on etsy to organize all the eco-friendsly, wooden & knit toys!

so those are the basics of the nursery...we have a small bookcase and rocker that i need to figure out. the rocker is white fabric & i'd love to cover it in something cuter. i also have way more books than will fit on the tiny bookcase, so i'm on the hunt for a cute bookcase...i'll probably troll craigslist to find something that will work with the eclectic decor...

and artwork! there is so much cute artwork out there, i'm going to have to do a separate post...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

floral nappy bag...

i'm loving all the florals out there. i've always loved florals & lace. patty calls my style "granny chic." the awesome floral post over at city sage inspired me to check out one of my favorite designers, cath kitson. of course among all the gorgeous florals, i found a diaper bag {or a "nappy" bag, they say in the uk}. since a diaper bag is not something i would probably buy used, i immediately was going to hit purchase when i realized it was made of PVC, the poison plastic. oh, why do the super-cute things have to be so unhealthy?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

pimped out bike

now why couldn't i do this with my helmet?!?

{photo credit: feather love photography}

now that i have a cute bike...

i've been riding it. i ride on sunset blvd, so busy and lots of traffic. and yes, i wear a helmet. i know i have to. but it's so. not. cute. i have a cute bike, but where's the cute helmet??

i'm thinking about one of these and then maybe crafting it with feathers, appliques, etc? maybe an awesome etsy vendor would make it cute?

what do you do for a helmet?

{photo credit here.}

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

loving the recycled dresses...

i'm loving all of the upcycled vintage dresses out there...seems like there are more and more out there everyday. check out this one from etsy seller lorimarsha. it's called "truly, madly, deeply"...can't go wrong with that name...

speaking of upcycling, we had another bitch & switch and i scored some great items (the shoes aren't from the switch, but esb scored them for me at wasteland!)...i'll post more of the scores later, but that reminds me... esb just posted about cutoffs, which is really funny since i've been thinking today of making some cutoffs. i just got that bike (hey, since i'm working with the company, they gave me an amazing i couldn't resist), so i've been riding to work everyday. but, can't really ride in short skirts in this weather. so, i'm gonna make some cutoffs too!

also working on a post about our upcoming european vacation/overdue honeymoon!

{photo credit here.}

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the doily dress

i'm loving this doily dress from amour sans anguish on etsy. it's a custom-made, one-of-a-kind dress that she creates from vintage doilies!! i bet you could even send her some of your own doily finds and she would create a special dress for you...what a great wedding dress incorporates all of my favorite things: vintage lace, reducing, upcycling and re-using...

{photo credit here.}

Thursday, July 2, 2009

i don't *need* it...

but isn't this bike gorgeous? i'm lamenting the fact that i don't have a usable bike {i have a *super cute* vintage schwinn, but it needs work}. i can walk a lot of places, but if i had a bike i could ditch the car for grocery shopping and some other errands...i'm trying to be very mindful of what i buy, i have everything i need, really...{although sometimes my personal shopper finds things for me!!} is this a want or a need?? ditching the car more often could help the environment {although i do use recycled bidiesel in my car, about as green as it gets!}...

i'm working with this company right now and i just ran across this beauty. cute, right?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

plant in the earth, well, ok some pots...

in honor of earth day, i made a seeds purchase for my burgeoning veggie garden.  i found some great organic seeds through the cosa verde blog, which highlights eco and green merchants on etsy.  {another fave green blog i should have added to my list...}

i got the butter crunch lettuce {my favorite} from etsy seller fluffn flowers and okra {yum} from seven acre woods.  i want to plant these in some more pots on the patio, or maybe some cool recycled wine crates...

{photos from here and here.}

happy earth day!!

i'm not posting anything specifically green, since i try to be 'green' everyday.  but here are some of my favorite green blogs:

fig + sage:  great great deals and products featured daily
homegrown evolution: sustainable living and gardening in the city
green LA girl:  great green tips for los angeles living
ecofabulous: fab green finds & check out their earth day guide
ideal bite: not a blog, but you can sign up for great quick green tips

happy earth day!

{photo from space today}

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy st. patty's day

happy st. patty's day!  here are a few links for your green enjoyment:

a story about social justice for st. patricks day

we don't drink, but here are some eco-drinks for your st. patrick celebration

here is my st. patty singing her tunes {sorry, no irish drums!}

treat the pooches to green doggie biscuits

{cute teacup planter: sassyspaces on etsy}

Monday, March 16, 2009

happy home-maker {beginning the veggie garden}

red romaine
brussels sprouts
we also bought some seeds from seeds of change:

butter lettuce
i know seeds of change can be controversial, but they were the only organic option at the nursery.  i planted the seedlings directly in the containers & used the little crates from the seedlings to plant the seeds inside.  i tried to put similar veggies together in the separate boxes.  once the seeds sprout, i should have enough room to plant them in the boxes. 

the self-watering containers seem like a great idea, but the one i put together seems to be leaking.  i suppose i should have double checked it before i filled it with dirt.  i can't really move it or take them apart now.  i'm a little bummed about that, since the last thing i want to do is waste water.  i'll have to water that container "traditionally."  live and learn...

my only other concern is sunlight.  we have a huge yard, but it's all concrete and brick, with a few shaded beds.  so i decided to put the beds on our dining room patio, which also is easy access to the kitchen.  it doesn't get sun all day, only in the morning, so we'll see how the veggies fare...i'm just winging it!

i also planted some herbs in a small container on the patio.
so we'll see how it goes...hopefully we'll be eating some of our own veggies soon.