Friday, June 27, 2008

garden wedding inspiration

check out this wedding at a botanical garden in england.  so beautiful.  i love the pink & greens (just add brown & you've got our wedding), the mis-matched chairs and of course all of the plants.

pink lemonade recipes

here are 2 pink lemonade recipes i found.  i like the idea of adding cranberry juice, rather than grenadine syrup.

this one is from

and this one is from simply recipes

and here's an easy one with frozen juice...maybe the easy way to go!  just get organic frozen juice & the cranberry tea bags...

i want to look for large jars for the lemonade & iced tea on ebay.  we should make sun tea to go with it!

sunset, la syle

so on august 30, 2008, the sunset will be 7:21pm.  here's what i'm thinking for a schedule:

3:30p guests arrive
4:30p ceremony
5:00p cocktails/conversation
6:00p dinner
7:30p twilight hour, sunset & dancing
11pm- guests get cars out of valet, everyone out by midnight!


LA sunset photo from

Thursday, June 26, 2008

pretty cupcakes

pretty cupcake inspiration...

i'm not sure where the first 2 photos are from, but the last one is from the wedding bee.  she did cool diy cupcake stands too!

a dress for the end of the night?

we aren't going off to our honeymoon, so i don't really need this...but should i get another dress to put on for the reception?  this is from a really great designer called claire la faye.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

project brigade: {cake stands}

these are the cake stands i'd like to make.  i saw this idea in a BUST magazine a while back & i think it would be fun to make them.  anyone up for trolling the thrift stores for plates & stemware?  maybe you have some lurking in your own cabinet...these are from the pleasing pantry.  

i also found some on this site, design*sponge.  they use old vases rather than stemware, but same idea.


i just bought this ribbon off etsy from a shop called blue bird lane.  lovely!  i'm thinking of using this for various crafts & maybe for tying cloth's actually vintage seam binding. {reduce, reuse, recycle}

voile bunting in the garden trees

here's another cool idea from peonies & polaroids.  voile bunting in the trees.  maybe if they were ivory instead of white?

color palette: luxembourg ribbon

from peonies and polaroids.  i love the color palette of the browns, pinks & sage green.

pink lemonade & iced tea

i love the idea of lemonade & iced tea...but i think we should do "pink" lemonade & iced tea to keep with the color scheme!

photo & inspiration board from snippet & ink guest blogger on ritzy bee

cool hairdo

i love this hairdo for the wedding.
the photo is amazing, from elizabeth messina.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

another great dress

another great dress for the girls.  it's available in chocolate.  eco-friendly fabrics & a great dress that can be worn again & again.  she has lots of other great designs, too!  from gaiaconceptions on etsy!


California Organic Flowers has a great flower calendar for flowers that are in bloom during certain months.  dahlias are in bloom during late august.  tuberose are also in bloom...sweet smelling, but maybe not since they are white, but could be nice accent flower.  i wonder about hydrangeas?

first photo from
second photo from bella fiore designs
third photo from easy to grow bulbs
fourth photo from penelope illustration

flowers in tea tins

another great diy flower idea from a $10,000 wedding.  i need to get better about crediting my photos...i'll work on it!! 

silk flowers

White Aisle is a really great site with lots of great wedding ideas.  but my favorite is their "daughters" program.  they offer beautiful silk items handmade by women in Cambodia & the profits all go back to them to start a better life.  beautiful.

diy flowers in a can

another sweet idea:  flowers in a can...

mismatched jars

i love this idea of the mismatched & "found" {read: recycled} jars for the flowers for table centerpieces.

flowers in the backyard

kate is really helping me out with the landscaping & the flowers for the wedding.  tomorrow we are going to get some lily-of-the niles (agapanthus).  i'm thinking of just planting the 2 beds full of agapantus & putting some other more exotic plants around in pots.