Friday, June 27, 2008

pink lemonade recipes

here are 2 pink lemonade recipes i found.  i like the idea of adding cranberry juice, rather than grenadine syrup.

this one is from

and this one is from simply recipes

and here's an easy one with frozen juice...maybe the easy way to go!  just get organic frozen juice & the cranberry tea bags...

i want to look for large jars for the lemonade & iced tea on ebay.  we should make sun tea to go with it!

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Georgia said...

definately. love the cranberry juice mixed. Maybe we make big amount of this before hand and serve in big punch bowls? I have one I have yet to use!
Also we know someone with a lemon tree that has a thousand lemons on it and they need to be picked! linda knows her very well! i'll ask her if we can pick now and freeze the fresh lemon juice!