Monday, November 30, 2009

time to spare...

i hope you all had a fantastic thanksgiving holiday! we definitely did...spent the morning packing & delivering meals to the homeless, spent the afternoon exercising the dogs at the pool and spent the evening eating delicious food with friends. can't really ask for a better day.

right now, i'm finding myself unemployed for the rest of the year. which means two things: 1. lots of spare time; and 2. not much spare money to spend in that time. so, what to do? well, i signed up to volunteer at 826LA east. if you are from sanny franny {my nickname for my hometown of san francisco}, i'm sure you've visited 826 valencia, a writing center for kids that generates income by selling cool pirate nick-nacks and their amazing mc sweeney's volumes. well, i love kids & i love stories, plus i can walk to 826LA east, so i'm going to a volunteer orientation next week. so hopefully soon, my spare time will be spent tutoring neighborhood kids after school.

i also signed up for a sewing class. yeah, i consider myself pretty "diy" but i can't sew a thing! my grandmother was an amazing seamstress & i unfortunately didn't retain anything she taught in honor of grandma lena, i'm gonna learn to sew. plus, i can walk there {seeing a transportation theme here?}. there's a cute new storefront in our neighborhood called home ec, so i've signed myself up for a basics class, where hopefully i'll end up with a pillow! the class costs some of that money i don't have a lot of right now, but i figure i'm learning a skill that will save me some dough in the future. {i can't tell you how many cool vintage dresses i have that need simple alterations.}

and...who knows? maybe with all this time on my hands, i'll blog more...

Monday, November 16, 2009

paris catacombs

i just found out that one of my paris photos was included in the schmap guide to paris! {this is how it will look on the iphone.} i still however need to do my paris entry on the blog...coming soon...i promise! saving the best for last...

{photo by me}

Friday, November 13, 2009

happy friday the 13th!!

i love friday the 13th. i turned 13 on friday the 13th. a true triskaidekaphile. working a lot, my dears...sorry for sporadic posts. but alas, unemployment looms on the horizon {unless another project comes my way soon...send good thoughts to the employment goddesses...}. maybe i'll start my wedding planning business after all. a producer turned wedding planner...your wedding will go so smoothly if i plan it...

have a wonderful weekend.

{photo credit here}

forget cupcakes...forget donuts...

...forget even cool ice cream sandwich trucks. milkshakes. brilliant. you can color coordinate, customize {vegan, anyone?}, and how perfect for a summer outdoor or picnic wedding.

a new trend, perhaps? {esb?}

{photo credit: via earth friendly weddings}

Thursday, November 12, 2009

rock for pablove...

we'll be attending this show next weekend. if you are in the los angeles area, definitely check it out. it is a benefit show for the pablove foundation...fighting childhood cancer with love. it is the culmination of a bike ride across america to raise awareness about childhood cancer by pablo's dad, jeff, who i've blogged about before. check out pablo's dad's blog and learn more about the pablove foundation.