Friday, November 13, 2009

happy friday the 13th!!

i love friday the 13th. i turned 13 on friday the 13th. a true triskaidekaphile. working a lot, my dears...sorry for sporadic posts. but alas, unemployment looms on the horizon {unless another project comes my way soon...send good thoughts to the employment goddesses...}. maybe i'll start my wedding planning business after all. a producer turned wedding planner...your wedding will go so smoothly if i plan it...

have a wonderful weekend.

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Meg said...

I would like to be your San Francisco half of that business :) Mostly, I just want you to start that business. But good thoughts anyway.

And, I've been meaning to tell you how overwhelmingly I was reminded of you hearing Portia De Rossi talk to eloquently about marriage rights on Oprah. I kept getting this weird feeling, like, "Oh, yes. I've been to her house," and then would say to myself, "No, no, no, you have NOT been to her house." It was a very sweet little subconscious comparison.