Friday, December 17, 2010

happy friday...donate toys!

happy friday, folks!

what are you up to this weekend? if you are in los angeles, please consider donating toys to children's hospital los angeles. they have run out of toys! it breaks my heart to think of kids in the hospital at all, let alone on christmas, so please consider brightening one child's life this season...since they only accept new toys, i try to purchase eco-friendly wooden toys, that are safe and non-toxic. these kids are already so exposed to toxins, why expose them to more...

in fact, continue to spread the love for children with cancer, eschew the gift giving frenzy and for the adults in your life, consider a donation to a favorite charity. one of my favorites is the pablove foundation, fighting childhood cancer with love. the foundation was started by our friends, jeff & jo ann, who lost their sweet boy, pablo to cancer. they have turned their struggle into an amazing foundation that helps other kids...truly an inspiration.

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A Bicycle Built For Two said...

I love receiving gifts (for shame!) so Christmas is my personal favorite holiday. And although I think of myself as a bit gluttonous and greedy I know that I also love the holidays because everywhere you look there are easy ways to give back and so many wonderful examples of kindness and love and humanity. I cherish reflecting on the year and even in moments of despair recognizing how wonderful and precious life is.

Wherever you are, follow Christina's lead and donate! (If you are in NYC I am happy to meet you to donate toys to the Children's Aid Society.)

Thanks for the reminder Christina; I just donated to Pablove!