Thursday, July 30, 2009

now that i have a cute bike...

i've been riding it. i ride on sunset blvd, so busy and lots of traffic. and yes, i wear a helmet. i know i have to. but it's so. not. cute. i have a cute bike, but where's the cute helmet??

i'm thinking about one of these and then maybe crafting it with feathers, appliques, etc? maybe an awesome etsy vendor would make it cute?

what do you do for a helmet?

{photo credit here.}


Rachel said...

I have a totally non-cute helmet. I figure it's the lesser of two evils. Before buying any cute helmets, I would do careful checks to make sure they are safe enough. Because some of them definitely aren't.

These European ones are fun because you can add a hat on top. Although I wonder if they would just make you look like you have an absolutely massive head?

Lisa said...

Congrats! I would do something very simple with the helmet, like painting flowers or a design on the outside. This will be pretty, but keep it practical--if you need to carry your helmet into a store, work, restaurant, etc., you won't have to be careful with it to avoid wrecking feathers, etc. And paint wouldn't be damaged in the rain.

Bonus safety points if you could find reflective paint or make a design out of reflective tape.