Monday, July 13, 2009

she takes the {cup}cake

this is especially for esb, but i had to share with everyone...we got to meet clare crespo this past week. she is the cupcake maven. not only has she written books about cupcakes {hey there cupcake!} but she is a food fun wizard! she has a cooking show for kids called yummy's martha meets pee wee herman! most of her cupcake designs are geared towards kids or the whimsical...but i totally fell for her fun and fancy way with food...{patty says i'm stalking her...but i'm stalking her for her cupcakes!}...yeah, it's an obsession.

{photo credit: photo 1; photo 2; photo 3.}


Rachel said...

Amazing! Those sushi cupcakes are cracking me up.

Anonymous said...

I adore that sushi. Now please come to Connecticut to make it. A recipewould not be nearly enough assistance.

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

oh my..., i lived on Swedish Fish for many years!!!