Friday, July 3, 2009

happy birthday, romy

it's romy's birthday today! happy birthday to a super-talented photographer and dear friend. romy is a friend from way back and one of those all around talented ladies. if she weren't *in* my wedding {oh yeah, she sings too!}, she would have shot my wedding. she should shoot *your* wedding! if you want a rock'n'roll eye documenting your day, she's your lady. she shot a beautiful portrait of me and

check out her awesome photo blog here and website here. not only does she have an amazing visual eye, she can sure whip up a mean breakfast {brunch at romy's is always a treat. if you are lucky, you'll get an invite someday}. for her recipes {mindful munchies}, check out this blog...happy birthday, my friend!

{photo credit: by romy suskin, of course!}

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romy said...

Sweet Christina, I'm touched. Thank you. Your the best model and friend (and rep!) a girl could have. xo