Thursday, July 2, 2009

i don't *need* it...

but isn't this bike gorgeous? i'm lamenting the fact that i don't have a usable bike {i have a *super cute* vintage schwinn, but it needs work}. i can walk a lot of places, but if i had a bike i could ditch the car for grocery shopping and some other errands...i'm trying to be very mindful of what i buy, i have everything i need, really...{although sometimes my personal shopper finds things for me!!} is this a want or a need?? ditching the car more often could help the environment {although i do use recycled bidiesel in my car, about as green as it gets!}...

i'm working with this company right now and i just ran across this beauty. cute, right?


east side bride said...

I think your vintage schwinn will be cooler.

The readers demand photos! With dogs!

jamie said...


the vintage bike would deff be cooler.

and if you have the motivation to take it to a shop and fix it up i bet it can be just as good a ride as this one.

*but* if having a new bike is what it would take to get you to ride it, i think it might be a *need*

cause riding your bike is way cooler than driving your car, even if it does use bio.