Friday, February 13, 2009

something blue: freedom to marry week blog carnival

in celebration of freedom to marry week, i'm participating in the other mother's blog carnival. day 4 post is "something blue."

this week, i've been really sick with a horrible cold and feeling a bit blue. last saturday, our beloved dog, ruby passed away from hip cancer. she died peacefully on her own, in her sleep. i'm grateful that she is out of pain.

i'm also grateful for her and from what i've learned from her: unconditional love and living in the present. our dogs love us no matter what--they accept our faults, our strengths--it doesn't matter. even though i'm feeling blue over her loss, i'm incredibly grateful for the unconditional love she has taught me.

ruby, like all dogs, also only lives in the present. she doesn't dwell on the bad day she had yesterday, or worry about what's going to happen tomorrow. she doesn't waste her time, she lives in the present moment. a true gift. again, even though i'm feeling blue, i remember what ruby has taught me: to live in the present moment, enjoy i have today and unconditional love no matter what.

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Peonies and Polaroids said...

I'm so sorry you lost your darling dog, it's so very sad losing pets. You're right that there is a lot to learn from dogs, they are wonderful animals.