Thursday, February 12, 2009

something borrowed: freedom to marry week blog carnival

in celebration of freedom to marry week, i'm participating in the other mother's blog carnival. day 3 post is "something borrowed."

my something old and something new posts were both technically "borrowed" materials from i struggled with this post for a little bit. however, the idea of borrowing--recycling, re-using, re-appropriating-- is such an important element in my life, i almost overlooked it. in all aspects of my life, i try to resist purchasing a new item. i do this to avoid adding more stress to our already over-burdened earth by keeping items out of the landfill. i love my life and my abundance, and i want to pass something on to future generations.

i also love the idea of an item with history, something that has been loved and something that has it's own life.

in our wedding, i didn't really borrow anything. most everything i wore however, was vintage. i also encouraged my bridal brigade to wear dresses that were either used, or borrow a dress from one another. the photo i posted is of one of my best friends, romy, in a dress she borrowed from shannon, trying on shoes she borrowed from antonia.

we try carry the recycling or borrowing mission out throughout the year. about every three months, we have a 'bitch & switch' , where we swap items of clothing that we are no longer wearing. it's fun to see my friends wearing some of my well-loved pieces. i always look forward to these swaps, not just for the fun new clothes, but more importantly to spend time with my ladies. loving the earth & loving the ladies, doesn't get any better.

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