Thursday, February 26, 2009

etsy love {bayou salvage}

i love these. aren't they lovely?  i purchased several lace tablecloths of varying sizes and shapes from ebay and thrifting for the wedding table toppers.  i gave several away, but i still have quite a few left...more than i need.  what a cool way to reuse them and keep a memento of the day. from bayou salvage on etsy.


Meg said...

I can email you tonight, but wanna *be* a graduate? I would about triple love to have you. 1) Because your sassy 2) Because your wise and 3) Because now that I think about it, I haven't had a LGBT grad yet, wich clearly needs to change ASAP. I know after Prop 8 parts of it might be painful to write, but they would do us all good to hear.

If you want to, I would love to have you. Email me. And it does *not* have to be a long post. Some of the best ones are thoughtful and short.

christina said...

aww, shucks, meg. that's super sweet. would be more than honored...yes, please e me tonight!

Rebecca said...

lovely as ever!

RustChic said...

wow- what a gorgeous wedding! you are inspiring me and my partner to get married too- only 45 more states to of luck in your live together, forever and ever
peace & beignets!
kerry (bayousalvage/rustchic)