Tuesday, November 25, 2008

bridal brigade featured on "a practical wedding"

such an honor, meg over at a practical wedding has featured the bridal brigade!  having my friends involved in the wedding was such a blessing...i have such lovely, talented and gifted friends, and their effort made our wedding outstanding.  i wanted to involve our community in our wedding, rather than just hire a planner.  the idea for the brigade--having friends participate in the planning of the wedding--came to me after i abandoned the potluck idea.  i wanted friends and family participating in the wedding, not just observers and hence the bridal brigade!  i wanted to showcase people's talents, but i also didn't want to burden them with too big of a project, that's why the idea of several close friends worked so well.  everyone participated in the way that they felt comfortable...since there were so many, people could pick and choose different projects that suited them.

i also didn't want to be fussy with the outfits--as i've mentioned before, i told everyone to wear whatever they wanted as long as it was in the pink and brown family...that way everyone's individual style came through.  i also really didn't want anyone going out to purchase an outfit that they would never wear again!  

in fact, this blog was born because of the bridal brigade...i used it initially as a way to communicate projects, inspiration and ideas with the brigade and it grew from there.  the wedding was such a community effort and we felt so supported throughout the entire process.  it was a great way to see friends, too!  i loved having friends over to craft and assemble items for the wedding, it made it so much more special!

all my love & thanks to the lovely, talented bridal brigade:

{clockwise, from my left}
georgia:  the brigade general--planning & all details!
linda: diy projects, thrifting & opera singing
kate {and mary, her mom, not pictured}:  my beautiful bouquet & flowers, the garden
moore: vegan cupcakes & diy projects
danny: cupcakes, usher & the serenity prayer
craig: diy projects, thrifting, wedding dress help, usher & the serenity prayer
antonia: diy projects & lovely, fun reading
romy: diy projects, photography support & the gift of song
leslie:  love from sf, my beautiful tattoos
melissa: thrifting, diy projects, patty's cufflinks, wedding dress help & beautiful reading

not pictured, but instrumental help on day of the wedding:
roz:  my make up & hair, patty's grooming
pamela, shrader, kelly & donyale:  transforming the seating area to the dining area 

what an amazing, special day thanks to all of our fantastic friends & community.  


bridechic said...

Saw a color pic of your headpiece at Practical Wedding. Love this little fascinator you chose. Exqusite!

Rebecca said...

Such a wonderful community spirit, Christina! I just adore the idea of making a wedding a collective event--brings tears to my eyes, really! Cheers to you, again!

Wenni Donna said...

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