Monday, November 10, 2008

wedding details: {vows}

i need a break from the political posts & i thought what a better time to focus on my vows?  at first, i wasn't going to post my vows, i felt like they were too personal to post.  but after the activities of the last month and especially the last week, i thought why not share my love & commitment to patty with is what is really important.  not the piece of paper from the state.  regardless of what happens in the state and political sphere, we will always have our vows.

here are mine to patty.  i based them on vows that i found on snippet & ink.   i loved the format and some of the wording, but i re-wrote some & tweaked some others.

i promise to love you unconditionally, 
with passion & enthusiasm.

i promise my loyalty and that i will stand by your side
through hard times as well as the good.

i promise to respect you as the guardian of your own individuality
and celebrate and accept you as you are.

i promise to be true to myself so that i may share my life with you.

i promise to surrender my will
to the care of the higher power that brought us together.

i promise to be patient with our differences
and to remember that they imbue our relationship 
with resilience, strength and humor.

i promise to recognize my humility 
and continue to share the joy of laughter with you.

i promise to keep our relationship fresh and lively
and to always remember that you are my lover 
and my beloved.

i promise to do what i can to stay healthy and fit
in body and mind so that i may age gracefully
by your side.

i promise to help create a home that is welcoming,
inclusive, spirited and inspiring.

i promise to look within and recognize our abundance
and live my love with you with honesty, love, compassion, acceptance and gratitude.

i promise to cherish your family as my own.

i promise to love you all the days of my life 
and to be with you in spirit even after i die.


Loaf said...

Those are so beautiful!

I might have to steal some lines myself!

citysage said...

Absolutely breathtaking. These brought tears to my eyes!

Anonymous said...

i'm going to cry...

thank you