Wednesday, November 19, 2008

protest across the nation

los angeles, ca

houston, tx

washington, dc

chicago, il

chico, ca

unfortunately, i didn't take any photos this past saturday {of all days, i forgot my camera}.  there are amazing photos on the flickr photo stream here.  you can see photos from cities all across the nation.  if you have photos, you can post them on their stream as well.  it brought tears to my eyes looking at the numbers of protesters who came out in the name of equality.  in some cities there were only a handful, in others, tens of thousands.  the cities with a only a few people really brought tears to my eyes,  just thinking about the courage it took for those 7 or 10 people to stand out in front of their city hall for what they believe in.  

you can see the numbers yourself here, but here's a taste:

Anchorage, AK 100
Montgomery, AL 7  {the note for source says, "i counted."}
Chico, CA 700
Los Angeles, CA 12,000
Boulder, CO 850
Washington, DC 5,000
Ft Meyers, FL
Orlando, FL 1,000
Honolulu, HI 350
Des Moines, IA 150
Chicago, IL 10,000
New Orleans, LA 500
Boston, MA 7,000
Baltimore, MD 450
Jackson, MS 130
Fargo, ND 250
Las Vegas, NV 1,500
New York, NY 10,000
Cleveland, OH 350
Eugene, OR 200
Corpus Christi, TX 18
Aberdeen, WA 14

thanks across the states & across the world {there are some international numbers up there} for standing with all of us for equality, justice and love.


jb said...

Great pictures and amazing turn out. Power to the people to have equal rights for everyone,


mimi said...

hello fort myers! very brave.