Monday, November 10, 2008

thank you prop 8 supporters

this past weekend, i visited with one of my bridesmaids in northern california.  i drove up with another friend & we met 2 other friends from LA while we were there.  of course, we had many hours of thought-provoking discussions about prop 8, what it meant, what we could have done differently and what we need to do next.

i'm not going to play the blame game here or ponder how we could have run the campaign differently.  rather, i'm going to thank the prop 8 supporters--yes, THANK them.  had it not been for their money and enormous efforts, our civil rights & gay rights may not have been pushed into the national spotlight.  in fact, because of the passage of prop 8, the world is now watching.  i've had notes of support from scotland, england and ireland.  this is not going away.  there's a silver lining here.  like richard bach said:  "every problem has a gift for you in it's hands."  had there been no prop 8, we would have gotten married quietly and stayed under the radar.  now it's our responsibility to fight for the rights of gays and lesbians not only in  california--but across the country.  so thank you prop 8 supporters for putting our rights on the national agenda.  

of course i'm disappointed that it passed.  but it's time to make lemonade and count our blessings.  our community will respond with petitions, actions, protests, inspiration & wisdom.  and now the world is watching.

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N said...

I totally agree. I think another fantastic side effect of the terrible proposition is that more people are activated and engaged with the movement. So many people thought, "Oh, that'll never happen" and now that it has they've realized, "Oh crap. If I care about this I have to do something!" And they are. And it's great!