Thursday, November 13, 2008

other folks weddings: {katie & clinton}...holga photos

i stumbled upon these amazing wedding photographs on flickr.  then i started a conversation with the bride, katie, and it turns out she's a photographer as well.  i'll post photographs she has taken of other weddings later, but these images from her own wedding are just amazing.  for these images, her photographer, ken stabile, used a holga camera, the same toy camera our photographer used for some of our photos.  i just love the effect, so haunting, vintage, timeless and ethereal.  

katie & clinton are truly a creative couple:  katie is a teacher, photographer & collector and her husband, clinton is a glass artisan.  they were married at a beautiful outdoor park setting in massachusetts.  congratulations to the happy couple! 

see more of their lovely wedding photos here (they have other photos besides just the holgas!).

**UPDATE:  the lovely bride (and much more of a photography expert than I am!!) sent me an correction:  these photos are NOT holga, but rather black & white infrared.  stunning nonetheless.
photo credit ken stabile.

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Rebecca said...

love the steps and, wow, that landscape--what a find!