Tuesday, November 18, 2008

reduce, reuse, recycle: {b*tch & switch}

this weekend, a bunch of us girls are going to get together for one of our "bitch & switch" parties.  here's how it works:

1.  clean out closet
2.  bag up clothes {cream of the crop only}
3.  assemble at someone's house {potluck, bring a snack!}
4.  swap clothes!
5.  go home with some "new" clothes & the rest {not swapped} goes to goodwill {or take it & sell it at crossroads}

it's a fun way to reduce your closet, weed out some great stuff that you just never wear & invigorate it with some "new" pieces from your fashionable friends.  {you know you've been coveting your best friends sweater, maybe she's sick of it!}  we've had several & i have some great finds from the parties.  it's also a fun reason to get together--we usually do a simple snack potluck.  we need energy for shopping!  we only bring the "cream of the crop" to swap {no one really wants your old pajamas}, and someone volunteers to take the "leftovers" to goodwill, or one can always bring home & sell it at a crossroads or someplace similar.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Christina! Thanks for stopping by today and for your comment...are you anything like me and still lusting after wedding blogs even though your own wedding has passed? I find I'm living vicariously through other brides to be now :)

Wish I were in the SoCal area so I could join your swap---my wardrobe is in desperate need of refreshment and I could use a bitch session myself! Snag something extra good for me, k?