Thursday, March 27, 2008

places to stay that aren't hotels

For those of you who may be traveling, here is a list of places to stay near my house.  I will update this occasionally, so check back.

Vacation Rentals By Owner. These are nice options if you don't want to stay in a hotel.  If a group of you are coming down together, this could be fun to rent a house!  Here are a few options to get you started.  This website is fun to browse, but the neighborhoods that are near our house: Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Echo Park.  Downtown is about 15 minute drive from my house, as is Hollywood, but in the opposite direction.  When I checked, all of these were available the weekend of 30 August, but they book up fast!
  1.  Not walking distance, but in nearby Los Feliz.  Nice neighborhood, with lots of shops.
  2.  Again, in cute Los Feliz.
  3.  Great house in Silver Lake, my neighborhood.
  4.  Another cool one in the Silver Lake hills. 
  5.  Cute little apartment in Los Feliz.
  6.  Cute cottage in Los Feliz/Silver Lake.  
  7.  Not sure exactly which neighborhood this is, but says it is close to Silver Lake, cute house.
  8.  Cute studio in Silver Lake.
  9.  Great looking house in Silver Lake.
  10.  Another cool looking house in Silver Lake.
  11.  Really cool house in Silver Lake/Echo Park.
  12.  Downtown loft.
Bed & Breakfasts:
  1. Sanborn House.  This is really close to my house and looks really adorable!
  2. Cassie's Cottage.  This looks cute & is nearby as well.
  3. Hollywood Pensione.  This is nearby, maybe a 10 minute drive.

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