Monday, January 26, 2009

wedding details: {readings}

meg over at a practical wedding is doing a great feature about readings.  this post featured tom robbin's STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKER.  this inspired me to share one of the readings our friend melissa read at our wedding.  melissa was part of the bridal brigade.  i asked two brigade members, melissa and antonia, who are both getting masters degrees in creative writing, to choose and read something for the ceremony.  i let them choose something or write something, it was their choice, whatever inspired them when they thought of us.  melissa interviewed both patty & myself about specific details of our dating life and courtship.  she then used those details to adapt tom robbins' WOODPECKER.  here is what she read at our wedding:

this is my attempt at answering tom robbins' question how to make love stay.

who knows how to make love stay?

1.  tell love you are going to the alcove cafe on hillhurst ave in los feliz to pick up a pecan pie and if love stays, it can have half.  it will stay.
2.  find love...tell her there is a half off sale at the anthropologie store but you have to go together to get the discount.  love never refuses a good deal.
3.  tell love that you will forgive her if she forgets entire decades, more specifically the nineties.  she will stay or she may just forget to leave.
4.  tell love you are going to get a bikini wax and you will be back in half an hour.  love will definitely wait.
5.  tell love if she stays she can name her next dog gepetto.  love will wait and see.
6.  sit beside love on a fluffy bed.  be chivalrous.  don't make out with love too soon.  instead send love a text.  ask her:  "don't you think i should have  kissed you by now?"  love will laugh.  laughter sustains love.
7.  hold love close...sway back and forth.  love will ask: "are we dancing?"  say yeah, we're uh...we're doing the schemoletti...

love will surely stay forever.

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