Monday, July 19, 2010

i'm not complaining...

but i'm definitely feeling more and more pregnant everyday. since it's summer and the heat has just really hit, my feet and hands are swelling up like balloons. oy. i can only wear my one pair of silver birkenstocks and my many havaianas. since flip flops aren't the most supportive shoes, it's been the good old birks' most of the time. so i had to find some somewhat cute (at least not horrible) old lady sandals.

i got a bronze pair of worishofer sandals and a pair of light brown patent dansko clogs. they are both adjustable, so i can wear them as my feet swell up and go back down. i'm actually thinking about getting more colors of the worishofers...they're not bad, right?

{photo credit: here & here}


ms. awesome said...

Dude- the worishofers rock! I'm not even preggo and I've been rocking 'em this summer! :)

east side bride said...

no. yeah. those sandals are srsly cool.