Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day!

happy valentine's day!  this year, we continued our family valentine's tradition of attending the true pablove event!  last year was the first year and patty & i volunteered...beatrice was only five months old, so i wrapped her up in my moby wrap and she was snug as a bug.  

true pablove is a family event to raise money for the pablove foundation: fighting childhood cancer with love.  this organization is really close to our hearts as it was started by our dear friends jeff and joann, in memory of their son pablo, who died in 2009 from cancer.  

the event was so fun and so joyous--there was gymnastics, ice cream, pizza, tacos, music and crafts, crafts, crafts galore!  we loved being able to give back to the community and have a wonderful time doing it.  i said to patty, however: "i wish we didn't have to do this...i wish there wasn't a true pablove event.  i wish that kids didn't get cancer." but kids do get cancer.  to which patty responded: "jeff and joann  have been able to use their story to give joy and help to others."  so true, jeff and joann are some of the the most amazing, positive people i've come across in my life and i'm honored to know them and so grateful that we are able to help in even just a small way.  the work that pablove foundation does is so important and they have found a way to infuse joy and positivity and love while helping children who need it most...

happy valentine's day send your love out to those who need it...help fight childhood cancer with love! 

{photo from the fotomatic booth at true pablove!  bea kept looking at the little screen on the bottom and not at the camera...}


Yellow Finch Designs said...

what a wonderful way to spend valentine's day! helping others and spreading your kindness. i couldn't think of anything more fitting ;)

LeLi68 said...

That is so great. I love the love and the great cause!