Wednesday, July 23, 2008

check it off the list

we checked these off the list this week:
- met with caterer
- booked photographer
- chose linens, tables, chairs, plates, etc
- received invitations

i'm so excited about the caterer--she's a friend who i've worked with before--she had lots of great ideas and was totally into our "upscale italian picnic"!  she also knows a lot of organic, local farmers in pasadena, where she will get her veggies from.  her company is called geschenk and it means "gift" in german.  perfect. (her website may not be up & running quite yet, but check back, it's worth it!)

i'm also thrilled with our photographer, chris strother ...a friend of georgia's and coincidentally, an old neighbor of patty's!  her work is amazing.  she uses several different mediums, and yes, she uses film.  i know it's not the most green option, but it's so classic & beautiful.  another non-green splurge that i'm not going to beat myself up about!

photo copyright chris strother from flickr

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Georgia said...

I don't know if I just like your blog cause I kbnow what's going on but I love it. You are so good at it! I have no idea what to do with a blog!
that will have to be your specialty in our business, you and the internet. :)