Thursday, July 3, 2008

the ring

ok, maybe i'm crazy, but i found the most amazing ring on ebay, bid on it, and won!  it seems so weird to buy a ring online, but it was so lovely...i can't wait to see it "for reals!"  i wanted diamonds with sapphires because patty's birthstone is a diamond (april) and my birthstone is sapphire (september).  i tried looking for a pink sapphire...but those are REALLY hard to find!  we also went to lots of vintage ring places, but the ones with diamonds & sapphires were priced a bit out of our league.  this one is 18k white gold...i should probably take it to a jeweler when i get's from the 20's or 30's most likely, which is the time period i love...

what do you guys think?

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Georgia said...

IT IS PERFECT! so you. I am soo excited to see it. You are funny, the only person I know who buy their ring online and I love it! Congrats!!