Friday, September 26, 2008

mini honeymoon

we still haven't been able to have a honeymoon, but we took a little mini trip this past weekend.  i was working in boston, so patty came out to meet me and we drove to the catskills, ny for the "all tomorrow's parties" show.  such a trip back to the 90's...we saw yo la tengo, dinosaur jr., and my bloody valentine.  we also met up with patty's old band-mate melissa.

the next day, we drove to hudson to visit melissa and see her new house.  and her magic cat.  she and her boyfriend are involved in cat rescue in the area.  hudson was amazing, so beautiful and we loved the architecture and sweet downtown.  then we drove to nyc, had dinner in the lower east side & flew home on tuesday!  such a whirlwind, next time the east coast trip will have to be much longer.  now we have to plan our real honeymoon.


Desaray said...

The top picture is the best ever. Must be sent to sugarbutch immediately.

christina said...

yeah, she's pretty darn handsome, isn't she?