Friday, September 19, 2008

other things happened in august besides the wedding...

so the entire month of august was not totally consumed by wedding plans, although it felt like it! now that the wedding is over, i'm reviewing the fun stuff that happened in august besides the wedding. for one, patty played drums on 08.08.08 for the 88boadrums event at 8:08pm at the la brea tar pits in los angeles. it was the most amazing, beautiful cacophony i've ever witnessed...88 drummers playing in unison, taking cues from each other in a spiral, which radiated out from a core of 4 drummers. she debuted her 1967 vintage ludwig kit. check out the reviews and photos (with patty!) here. there's also a video here. (you have to scroll down to the 88 boadrum "tape" and click it to play.)

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