Friday, December 12, 2008


this video was directed by my dear friend, todd hughes, and produced by his husband, p. david ebersole.  they officiated our wedding {which i still need to post--it was beautiful, funny and suited us perfectly!}.  this is a love letter from gertrude stein to alice b. toklas, that todd made come alive.  we did this several years ago {2001, i think} as part of the silver lake film festival, of which p. david and i have both been festival directors.  i was fortunate enough to work on the project doing the costumes.  

although we did this a while ago & it has made the film festival circuit, it just seemed especially timely now.  two women who lived together as "hubby & wifey" at a time when "gay marriage" was not even a thought!  we've come so far, yet gertrude and alice remind us how long the struggle has lasted.  

it was recently on exhibit as part of "prop 8: love not hate" in los angeles at the antebellum gallery.  



Rebecca said...

what a complete delight! I was just teaching stein this past week in my women & poetry class--sheer brilliance. I think I'm going to have to pass this along to them--thanks for sharing!

Adam said...

This was pretty amazing! Thanks for posting it!

and the costumes were awesome...