Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the citizens band in new york!

if you are lucky enough to live in new york city, be sure to check out the upcoming citizen's band performance on friday october 23 & saturday october 24. part political commentary and all fabulous cabaret performance, the citizen's band is a group collaboration extraordinaire...

the official announcement:

It is with unmitigated joy and excitement that we bring you news of our newest theatrical endeavor “The Debt Rattle.”

We are delighted to make the premiere of “The Debt Rattle” at the Henry Street Settlement on Thursday, October 22nd@ 8pm, Friday, October 23rd @ 8pm and Saturday, October 24th @ 8pm. Tickets are available now, for the price of $25.00.

"The Debt Rattle" is our 8th original show and finds our Citizens struggling to make sense of the post-crash social order, set in the desperate world of marathon dancing.

We're simply thrilled to announce that this first staging of "The Debt Rattle" shall feature the incredible talents of such dazzling Citizens as Chelsea Bacon, Ian Buchanan, Michael Cavadias, Adam Crystal, Karen Elson, Sarah Sophie Flicker, Rachelle Garniez, Mike Jackson, Greg Jarrett, Zoe Kravitz, Dave Lebleu, Mark McAdam, Amy Miles, Jon Natchez, Nina Persson, Rain Phoenix and Ronin with musical direction by Kimberly Grigsby ("Spring Awakening") and special guest performers Mr. Blue, Justin Bond and Jeff Palmiotti. We are extremely gratified to once again enjoy the talents of set designers Dino Siampos & Sam Wheeler.

full disclosure: the co-founders sarah sophie flicker and jorjee douglass are good friends of mine! {unfortunately jorjee won't be in this show, she's here with us in los angeles...} but the show is utterly amazing...unlike anything i've seen before. dancing, singing, acrobatics and loads of vintage visual inspiration, it's a sight to be seen. want to know more...i've written about them before here. see more amazing photos from past performances here.

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