Wednesday, April 22, 2009

hot knee highs & vintage inspiration {the citizens band}

ok, with all this talk of knee highs, i had to post about my friends sarah sophie flicker & jorjee douglass...they are the founding members of the citizens band, a fantastic cabaret troupe with a political bent.  their latest show, performed last october in new york, called 'the panic is on'
is described this way:

The Citizens Band's sixth original show, finds the troupe trapped in makeshift bomb shelter where they're forced to find common ground and hope in a terror filled world . Performing a spirited mix of classic songs and original compositions they ponder such issues as fear mongering, war, immigration, xenophobia, poverty and their own dreams for political change.
full of song, dance, trapeze acts, acrobats {who can ask for anything more?}, the citizen's band shows are truly a spectacular event.  part protest, part entertainment, their shows are amazing, full of fantastic talent, including, to name a few:  Chelsea Bacon, Ian Buchanan, Michael Cavadias, Turner Cody, Aaron Conte, Adam Crystal, Jorjee Douglass, Karen Elson, Jesse Gelber, Sarah Sophie Flicker, Rachelle Garniez, Jesse Gelber Mike Jackson, Mark McAdam, Angela McCluskey, Amy Miles, Jon Natchez, Jedediah Parish, Nina Persson, Rain Pheonix, Ronin and Craig Wedren

politics and protest aside, check out the amazing vintage fashions, including--yep, you guessed it--knee-socks and thigh-highs. {just for you, esb.}

they haven't been to los angeles in ages, and their last show in new york {home base} was last october, but keep your ears won't want to miss it the next time the come a protesting... 

{photo 1: gaetano salvadore; photos 2,3: via the citizens band; photos 4-7: richard bush