Wednesday, April 8, 2009

more tears, but not tears of joy...

this is a heart-wrenching example of why separate is not equal.  the marriage equality fight is not just for the piece of paper and the wedding day, it is for the same 1138 federal rights that heterosexual couples receive when they are married, which are denied to same-sex couples.  this couple is fighting to stay together...the woman has been granted a stay until april 22.  {i'm a little behind in my google reader, so i just stumbled across this on two chicks nest.}

this issue is not about having the perfect wedding day, this affects people's lives and families in a major way.  n at two chicks nest  moved to canada for similar reasons.  separate is not equal.

update below:

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N said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting about this. I only wish more LGBTQ bloggers were posting about this.