Wednesday, April 29, 2009

amazing women on wednesday {belles of the black diamond field}

my dear friend, sarah sophie flicker and her directing partner, maximilla lukacs, together form the belles of the black diamond field.  they base their filmmaking on the vulnerability manifesto, championing femininity and softness, while deriving power from those qualities. sarah and i used to live in san francisco together and she's indirectly responsible for introducing me to patty years and years ago.  she now lives in new york and since moving there has launched some fabulous projects.  i love to follow her work and see what's next...i thought i'd put her on your radar too.  sarah is also a founding member of the citizens band {remember the knee-highs?}

"lay down lean" is based on an edna st. vincent millay poem and "god ain't gonna put it in your lap" is a look at revolutionary women 1900 to the present.  i love their film philosophy...and the cinematography and vintage stylings are gorgeous.  have a look at some of their work and be inspired...

{photo by alia penner}


east side bride said...

This is what I needed to get off the blogs and do something creative today :)

Meg said...

Which leads us to the inevitable question: WHICH Edna St. Vincent Millay poem? She is, after all, my favorite poet. I keep her collected works in my bedside table.

I also love the manifesto. Natch.