Tuesday, March 8, 2011

steady as she grows {almost six months!}

ok, i'm not sure how some of you mommy bloggers do it...i haven't been able to get a post up in weeks! i'm also really anal about not letting the baby see any screens, including the computer, which makes typing and blogging around baby really hard...

but i've also been a bit pre-occupied with some other news...we just found out that the documentary about patty called HIT SO HARD, will be at two film festivals this month! so we'll be traveling to austin and new york city very soon.

the world premiere will be at sxsw, we have two screenings, one on the 15th and one on the 18th. if you're at sxsw, be sure to come to a screening!

and the new york premiere will be at new directors/new films. march 28th at moma and march 30 at lincoln center...ticket info here.

so beatrice is going to be quite the little traveler! she's so active now, rolling over, almost sitting up all by herself, and pushing up on all fours...she can scoot herself backwards now...she'll be crawling any minute. lord help me...

{photo credits: planet swan}


jamie said...

oh what pretty pictures of you ladies. miss that cute baby.

congratulations on all the documentary news! that is so exciting!

Rachel said...

You guys are such a sweet little family.

And all the documentary buzz is exciting!

east side bride said...

congrats, you guys!! that's so rad.

A Strange Boy said...

Congratulations on everything with the documentary!

Beatrice is adorable and so lucky to be able to go all those places with her family.

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