Friday, January 28, 2011

steady as she grows {nineteen weeks}

beatrice is really interested in two things this week: her toes & her toys. she's really starting to actually engage in her toys, rather than just reflex grabbing i caved in and got her one of those horrifying excersaucers {or however you spell it--is it even a real word?}. we got it used, which makes me feel *slightly* better about all the plastic. why do kids toys need to be made out of so much plastic? i've been pretty good about avoiding plastic {we have some hand-me-down plastic toys} toys and only buying wood or cloth, but it's tough.

i use the excersaucer {or as my friend calls it "the office"} when i need to do something i don't want to do while i'm wearing bea, like taking hot muffins out of the oven {that post is coming soon, i swear}...and for the most part, she enjoys her time in it. she's in for about five-fifteen minutes at the most, then she's ready to move on.

so, i'm not choosing this battle, plastic "office" it is....until she's over it and ready for the next toy...

she's wearing:
photos 1, 2

photos 3, 4
{cute onesie customized by our little friend josephine "jo-jo"}

photo 5
{hand-me-down onesie}

photo 1

photo 2
{who knows, we got it off craigslist!}

photos 3, 4
{haba fairy & planet}

photo 5
{vulli teether}


east side bride said...

her office face is the best

christina said...

yeah, she's pretty focused in the office...

Nina McDermott said...

we need to see you soon! she's growing up so fast :)

Wegan said...

Wow, what a beautiful baby! <3

I've just stumbled across your blog (via A bicycle built for two) & I loved your wedding!

We have a love stories section on our blog & I'd love to feature you two?

Hope to hear from you,

Megan x

Athea said...

Where are those amazing stuffed donuts from?

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

simply precious.