Wednesday, January 19, 2011

steady as she grows {eighteen weeks}

beatrice is growing more and more everyday. i swear sometimes i pick her up and feel like she's grown since the last time i picked her five minutes ago! she's definitely found her voice and is using it and she loves to laugh. thank goodness, with me & patty as her mamas! she loves meeting new people and has been going to her playgroups and yoga...

she also had a first this week: her first cold. it's so heartbreaking to hear her little sniffles and coughs. i feel so helpless and wish i could do something. although she rarely cries, she's been waking up at night crying and a little extra fussy. poor baby. i'm doing everything i can to boost my immunity so that i don't get sick and keep us both feeling miserable. but i know, like all things, this too shall pass, and she'll be back to herself in no time!

she's wearing:
{petit bateau top, from grow kid grow}
{babylegs leggings}
{trumpette socks}
{blanket hand-knit by my grandma}