Wednesday, January 12, 2011

steady as she grows {seventeen weeks}

they really do grow so fast...just today i cleaned out the first batch of clothes that beatrice grew out for that reason it seems so silly to buy a lot of new clothes! yes, i know i confessed to the occasional gilt group or zulily purchase, but that's not the norm. most of beatrice's clothes have been hand-me-downs or have come from re-sale shops like grow kid grow in our neighborhood. until now, i haven't had anything to sell them, but now i do! you can bring your clothes in to sell and you either get a credit or cash, i'm taking the credit every time if beatrice is outgrowing clothes every three months!

she's such a wonderful baby, so calm and such a sweet disposition. she is really actively grabbing & playing with toys {read: putting in mouth}...i've found some used toys for her, but with toys it's a bit tougher. they are not as easy to find...

she had so many activities last week: we went to a play group at the los angeles gay & lesbian center for the first time. it was really great to meet & connect with other lgbt parents! there were quite a few people there, it was really cool. i have to admit it's tough sometimes being the only gay at some of the support groups and yoga we attend...everyone is awesome and i've made tons of great mom's just nice to connect with folks who are doing the same thing we are doing as far as the "non-traditional" family {whatever that means}...

she's wearing:
{old navy top}
{trumpette socks}
{all gently used from grow kid grow}
{bla bla doll}
{blanket hand-knit by my grandma}


jamie said...

cute cute cute cute cute

used is so the way to go.

i can never get over how much she looks like both yall. even from BIRTH.


east side bride said...

she really does look like you guys.

east side bride said...

p.s. i've locked myself in the house with my computer, but i'd love to hang out at the end of the month when i come up for air...!