Monday, April 18, 2011

music mondays {the go-go's}

coming of age in the eighties, the go-go's were one of the most influential bands in my youth. and women who rock are amazing...most of my music posts are about rocking women, so...

as the go-go's are about to embark on tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of BEAUTY & THE BEAT, i thought i'd plug a campaign to get the go-go's recognized by the rock and roll hall of fame in their upcoming "women who rock" exhibit. for me, and many others i know, the go-go's DEFINE women who rock...

this post lays it out amazingly well, but let me just sum it up: the go-go's are the only all female band who wrote their own songs & played their own instruments, who had a #1 hit for six weeks. and they are not included in this exhibit of women rockers. a pretty jaw-dropping oversight, no? they should be lauded and recognized for their achievements and deserve a spot in the rock and roll hall of fame "women who rock" exhibit!!

so what can you do...check out the suggestions here! go forth & rock!

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Sheree said...

Thanks for posting (and linking to my blog). As you point out, the Go-Go's have influenced and inspired so many to get their rock on. And the influence goes beyond women.

So many guys heap praise on the Go-Go's for their contribution to rock music history and acknowledge the Go-Go's influence on their musical careers.

I wish everyone who loves music would get to see the Go-Go's perform live at least once. It's the live performance, I think, that seals the deal for so many.