Monday, April 25, 2011

music mondays...tell me what you are listening to...**

I choose the music by I HaveGot,aCanon

ok, it's music monday and i got nothing, folks! tell me what you
are listening to music ok, too!

**update: after i posted this, i got a link to this awesome song from my friends nicole & meghan. folks, please check out the cold and lovely...this song is so sexy...

{photo credit: 1. I choose the music, a photo by I HaveGot,aCanon on Flickr
2. andrea alseri}


kristydrums said...

well, for NEW i'm listening to Those Darlins "Screws Get Loose", Deep Dark Robot deubt and for OLD i'm revisiting some Fountains of Wayne records. i do want to get the new Fleet Foxes, like what i've heard from their new record so far!

diane naegel said...

I've been listening to XTC's "Skylarking" favorite spring/summer tunes!