Friday, October 10, 2008

the miracles never cease

my dad was in town today for the day at LAX, so i went to meet him for lunch.  i usually completely avoid the topic of politics, but after the wedding, i thought i'd ask him about prop 8.

me:  "so, you are voting no on prop 8, right?"
dad:  "of course.  well, i don't really believe in it...but i'm voting no."
me, not wanting to really get into it with him:  "that's great.  all that matters is you vote no on prop 8."
dad:  "i will, i'll vote no, and i'll tell everyone i know to vote no.  who are you voting for president?"
me:  "i'll take my small victory & ignore that question!!"

miracle of miracles, my italian-catholic, republican, navy captain dad is voting no on prop 8.  if he can vote no, anyone can!

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