Thursday, October 23, 2008

wedding details: {music}

since patty is the musician, she was in charge of the music.  one thing that patty insisted on was the string quartet.  we decided to spend some money there and forgo the dj.  the string quartet was amazing...very traditional, but we made it our own.  the leader of the quartet was a good friend's sister, so it was so comfortable and easy to work with her.  

while the guests were being seated, they played traditional "wedding" classical music.  during the processional, we asked them to play pachelbel's canon {very traditional, but we both love it}.  then, when patty walked down the aisle, they played a string version of her favorite love song "tangerine" by led zeppelin!  back to canon for the bridesmaids, then they played my favorite love song "wild horses" by the rolling stones.  we saved the best for last:  for the recessional we had them play "you shook me all night long" by ac/dc!

it was great to have the traditional strings play some of our favorite songs...the family appreciated the strings, while all our friends recognized the songs!  it couldn't have been better.

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