Thursday, October 23, 2008

wedding details: {cup cake tiers}

this was probably our most fun, but most involved diy project--the cupcake tiers.  we probably spent a total of 4 of the project brigade weekend afternoons working on them.  we bought the plates from thrift stores, garage sales and some from ebay.  the stemware all came from thrift stores {i tried to stay under 50 cents per glass!} and garage sales.  

first we used a pencil to trace the glass on the plate.  that way, we could make sure that the tiers lined up properly.  then we put some epoxy on the glass and on the circle we had drawn on the plate, pressed together & voila.  

we made some that were only one tier, and some that were up to four tiers.  the result was magnificent.  comment me if you want more details about the diy project.


Anonymous said...

omg. that is so beautiful and fun. very nice.

Julia said...

i've seen diy cake stands using vases epoxied to thrift store plates, but i like this idea to use glass stemware in between too!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

They are brilliantI wish we'd thought of this when we were looking for cake stands.